Parthiban consoles troubled James Vasanthan over phone

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Thursday, Aug 08, 2013

Parthiban consoles troubled James Vasanthan over phone

James Vasanthan, music composer – television anchor was accused of harassing a 68-year-old woman, charged under four sections and arrested by the police. 

Political bigheads and cine professionals are protesting against the arrest of James Vasanthan, and are giving voice in support of him.  In a development, actor Parthiban called up to console James Vasanthan. 

Here are excerpts from telephone conversation between Parthiban and James Vasanthan. 

‘I called up to know whether I could console James Vasanthan in anyway and whether he needs assistance from me in anyway’ said Parthiban over the phone. 

In the other end, James Vasanthan spoke with a sad note.

‘This sadness would not help me in any way as I am contemplating my next move.  I was searching for a gap to chase away the sadness.’

‘Without knowing that the inspector had come to arrest me, I showed him my sound studio.  I put him a song, and he relished.  After sipping the tea that my wife served him, he arrested me.’

Immediately, Parthiban asked James Vasanthan why the inspector arrested him instead of arresting his wife for not serving him a nice tea.  James Vasanthan laughed…

‘Through my unexpected humor, I helped in easing the tense situation.  James Vasanthan would have gone to sleep after telling ‘Good Night’ to me…’ said Parthiban.

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