'Peechankai is alien hand syndrome'

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Friday, Jun 09, 2017

'Peechankai is alien hand syndrome'

Debutant director Ashok’s Peechaankai, a dark comedy, is releasing 15 June. The movie talks about alien hand syndrome, where a person experiences their limbs acting on their own, without any control.

The movie is being produced by cinematographer PG Muthaiah’s PG Media Works banner along with R S Karthik, who plays the lead role in the movie.Ashok, who made Peechankai as telefilm featuring Karthik, chose to cast him as hero when it was made as film.

Anjali, who played STR’s sister in Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, is the heroine. Peechankai which was shot in and around Chennai.'Karthik is a pick-pocket who suffers from alien hand syndrome after he meets with an accident.

Several situations force him to join a kidnapping gang and how he manages to fit in the gang despite his malfunctioning hand forms the story. After he joins the gang, the story takes a different direction', says the director.

The movie has several fun-filled moments. Audience will thoroughly enjoy it, he adds.

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