Political plot suspected as censor board refuses ‘U’ certification for ‘Thalaivaa’

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Saturday, Jul 27, 2013

Political plot suspected as censor board refuses ‘U’ certification for ‘Thalaivaa’

Director AL Vijay has directed movie Thalaivaa starring actor Vijay.  Amala Paul has paired up with Vijay for the movie.  The movie is about a leader who struggles for Mumbai Tamils. 

Schedules for movie ‘Thalaivaa’ are over and the movie is set for release.  They have made arrangements to release the movie on coming August 9th, which happens to be the day of Ramzan celebration.  Also, they have printed the movie posters.  They have made arrangements for promotion through TV, FM, and magazines. 

Vendhar Movies has acquired release rights of the movie in Tamil Nadu. For advertisement alone, they have spent amount in crores, say reports. 

In a development, reports went abuzz that the movie has been given ‘U’ certification by censor board.  But, those reports are not true.  Only yesterday, the censor board officials have viewed the movie.  But, as there is excessive violence in the movie, censor board decided to give ‘A’ certification to the movie, say reports.  Since producer and director argued, they stepped down and consented for ‘U/A’ certification. 

But the movie crew insisted that ‘U’ certification be given to the movie.  But, the censor board stuck to its decision. 

So, they have decided to take the movie to the revision committee.  If the revision committee also gives ‘U/A’ certification, then they would take it to Mumbai for censoring.  If the movie hits screens with ‘U/A’ certification, then there would be no exemption from tax.  So, crores of rupees meant for the producer would go to the government.  With faith that the movie would receive tax exemption, Vendhar Movies has acquired rights of the movie for huge amount.

If in case there is no tax exemption for the movie, Vendhar Movies may demand part of the money which was paid.  That is the reason why the production side is resolute about getting ‘U’ certification.  So, there is chance for the movie’s release to be delayed. 

Circles close to Vijay feel that, of late, Tamil Nadu government is functioning against Vijay, and that is why it imposed ban on celebration by his fan club on his birthday.  Now, the government is giving trouble when the movie is set for release.  Whatever be the case, Vijay has insisted that the movie be released on time.

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