Reports about Pooja re-entering Tamil yet again through Bala

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Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012

Reports about Pooja re-entering Tamil yet again through Bala

Actress Pooja who was intensely into Sinhalese movies did not show up in Kollywood for quite some time.  It seems now she is to make a re-entry into Tamil cine field.  It is being widely reported that director Bala who provided uplift for Pooja is to cast her again in his movie.

Director Bala is directing a movie by name ‘Eriyum ThaNaL’.  It seems Pooja is one among the cast in the movie.  It seems Pooja has already undergone makeup test for the movie.

Pooja herself has admitted the fact.  Pooja said ‘I came for Chennai few weeks back.  I met Bala Sir then.  He conducted the screen test for me.  It is thrilling to do a movie for Bala.’

 ‘He explained my role for the new movie.  But so far I have not confirmed doing for the movie’

Currently Pooja is staying in Sri Lanka with her grandmother.  Pooja is a combined mould of India and Sri Lanka.  During time of acting in Tamil she stayed in her mother’s residence in Bangalore.

Currently she is in Sri Lanka.  She is busily acting in Sinhalese.  In the midst, there were reports of romance and marriage.  But Pooja denied all that.

Although Pooja acted in number of Tamil movies it is ‘Naan KadavuL’ which earned name and fame for her.  Pooja put in tremendous effort for the movie such that people were aghast she could do such roles.

When Pooja was put the question about ‘Eriyum ThaNaL’ she said ‘This is Bala’s movie. For ‘Naan KadavuL’ my Amsavalli character proved befitting for the movie, and the character for the current Bala movie would definitely fit into place. I cannot elaborate further.

Vedika is one among lead actresses for the movie. When raised the question about the movie, she slipped away saying she could elaborate further only after signing up for the movie.

It seems Pooja plays princess role in an Indian movie cinematized in Sri Lanka.  Since the schedule is complete, she has come for Bala’s movie.

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