Power Star Srinivisan goes for publicity stunt

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Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012

Power Star Srinivisan goes for publicity stunt

Doctor Srinivasan has gone way ahead other icons in the Tamil cine world by volunteering to give interviews to media.  In the interviews, he has been making statements about achievement in the cine field.

He makes movies, acts in those, and speaks the dialogue as an effort to mesmerize fans through his performance.

He made a movie titled ‘Lathika’.  He acted as the hero in that.  Now he is to play villain role in ‘Ananda Thollai’.  He has named himself ‘Power Star’.

Usually fans vie to take photograph with actors.  But Srinivasan has gone one step ahead by taking photograph with actors and releasing it in magazines. 

Recently he gave interview to a magazine.  One might not be able to believe one word in the interview.  But Srinivasan is going about requesting people to believe that.

Here are excerpts from the interview.

‘I do not desire to make movies in a huff.  A good storyline is important for me’

‘Following ‘Ananda Thollai’ I am to act in ‘Desiya Nedunchalai’.  Sanghavi is pairing up with me for the movie.  I am directing the movie’

‘Following that I am making ‘Padaithalaivan’.  The movie is a police story.  Mari Maindan is directing the movie’

‘I desire to act in KS Ravikumar movie.  If I get an artiste like Sanghavai I can dance to song like ‘Manmadha Raasa’.

‘Not alone cinema... I have my own business... a clinic... and apart from all these I have fans among college students’

‘I desire making movies with good storyline and deliver it to masses.  Do not ask me whether I am the next MGR.  I do not mean to say that.  Following him, I will gain place in hearts of masses.  I sure have a place in the hearts of female fans’

‘Once I felt like acting in Bharathiraja movie.  But later I decided against that and started making my own movies’

‘Even now I hear 10 stories.  But I agree to sign up only if the story is satisfying’

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