Power Star’s mockery of Simbu in movie ‘Azhagan Azhagi’

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Monday, Mar 04, 2013

Power Star’s mockery of Simbu in movie ‘Azhagan Azhagi’

The number ‘Why this Kolaveri’ composed by Anirudh and which takes place in movie ‘3’ has turned a hit.  As the number turned hit, younger generation actors as Simbu and Vishal are following Anirudh’s trail and are including English lines in the numbers for movies that they are into.  Now, Power Star Srinivasan is one among those actors. 

Already in movie ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’, Power Star spoke dialogue that it is out of him that Simbu has had Ananda Thollai.  For movie Azhagan Azhagi, he sticks to Simbu’s style and has sung a number.  Also, he follows Simbu’s style and wears costume resembling Simbu’s thus making a mockery of him. 

The number which begins with words ‘O Girl My World’ has been released in YouTube. Many fans are viewing it in YouTube.  That way, like for numbers by Vijay and Ajith, Power Star’s number also has had tremendous viewership. 

Out of the positive development, Kollywood actors who were jeering at Power Star as just a comedian, are now bewildered.  Simbu who is used to making mockery of others is now taken aback that Power Star has made mockery of him. Now Simbu is contemplating an appropriate attack upon Power Star.

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