Prabhudeva in a fix now

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Monday, Nov 07, 2011

Prabhudeva in a fix now

Prabhudeva is really worried now since his father and fiancée Nayanthara ask him not see his children and ex-wife. Also they have asked him not to go to his old house.

Prabhudeva is in a position of a man catching the tail of a tiger. He escaped from a rat but was caught by a tiger. Having separated from his wife and children due to the love towards Nayanthara, Prabhudeva is not able to “settle” his feelings and love towards his wife and children though he had settled them in a monetary basis.

Maybe Prabhudeva thought that it is easy to estrange from his children but the current situation proves otherwise; the love towards his children is really bothering him a lot; he is longing to see his children.
Due to this, even after separting from Ramlath, he visited Chennai from Mumbai to see his children. On learning this, Nayanthara is fuming.
Nayanthara has asked Prabhudeva to forget her if he wants to see his children. Saying this, she went to Kerala. Dumbstuck hearing this, Prabhudeva also went to Kerala. He   knocked the door of her house but Nayanthara didn’t budge. Having stood in the middle of the road, Prabhudeva was belittled and he returned home.
But refusing this news, Nayanthara had said that this is not the case; there is no quarrel between us, our marriage will be in such a way that it will be praise-worthy.

To aggravate the situation, Prabhudeva’s father too is supporting the stance of Nayanthara. Prabhudeva’s father Sundaram is bursting out that why the former is going behind his children whereas he had separated from them.

Since Nayanthara and his father are taking turns to fire him, Prabhudeva is really in a fix now. He is wondering how to separate from his children.

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