Prevalent confusion regarding delay in release of ‘Viswaroopam’

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Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012

Prevalent confusion regarding delay in release of ‘Viswaroopam’

Viswaroopam is movie starring Kamal Haasan and Pooja Kumar.  The movie is direction by Kamal Haasan.  Although schedules for movie are over, the release is getting delayed.  People are anticipating that the movie releases on Deepavali.  But, it is reported that the movie would be released only during January on Pongal. 

Three reasons are cited for delay in release of Viswaroopam.  Kamal desires implementing a sound technique called Aura 3D.  The technique has been used only in one Hollywood movie titled ‘Red Tails’.  It requires 100 days to attach the technique to the movie.

The second reason is that there is no climax for Viswaroopam.  It seems they are to show a card that the climax could be seen in second half of ‘Viswaroopam’.  But Kamal Haasan seems to be confused about whether it would work out.  He seems to be contemplating over doing a climax. If fans do not accept, he prefers attaching the climax to the movie.

The third reason is that the budget crossed the expected limit.  But the movie has not been marketed to that level.  It is being said that there is debate as to whether he should own responsibility of release or sell of the movie without expecting huge profit. Nobody knows which among the three reasons are true.

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