Prithviraj angered as Arya downs down offer

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Sunday, Dec 23, 2012

Prithviraj angered as Arya downs down offer

Mammootty and Mohanlal’s market was in a high once, and now it has taken a plunge down.  Resultantly, Prithviraj is lead actor in Malayalam.  So, Arya made a small appearance in Prithviraj’s ‘Urumi’.

Arya did the role for sake of acquaintance with Prithviraj.  Prithviraj offered a small role to Arya in his movie ‘Mumbai Police’.  Arya initially nodded in assent. Arya seems to worry that he would lose image if he does small roles.  So he returned the advance given and turned down the movie offer. 


This has irked Prithviraj.  He raised question as to whether it befits a good actor to accept role and then turn it down.  Arya seems to have clarified ‘Friendship is different... Profession is different. I need Prithviraj’s friendship, but not small role in his movie.’

‘If I do such roles, they would approach me for similar roles in Tamil. This would ruin my career’ said Arya diplomatically and gave the slip.  So, they have committed Jayasuriya for role which Arya was to do.

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