Crisis in TN Film producers council

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Saturday, Aug 06, 2011

Crisis in TN Film producers council

A major crisis is brewing in Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC). There was ruckus at a meeting that took place in the council on Wednesday. The meeting was called to discuss elections to TFPC.

TFPC is undergoing a total overhaul with the change in government in Tamil Nadu.  The meeting was headed by it acting President SA Chandrasekaran, who is close to the current regime and meeting was to chalk out election plans. But it ended up as a slanging and a physical fight between two groups.

During the meeting differences of opinion cropped up between SAC and other office bearer over the convening of the General Body Meeting (GBM). SAC wanted GBM before elections while the factions under Anbalaya Prabhakar Deputy President, objected to it.

The group split into two after heated arguments and soon it was a free for all. SAC walked out in disgust and the cops who were deputed at the location intervened and things came under control.
Later SAC told the media:"About 194 producers agreed with the decision of having a GBM on August 28. Under these circumstances I don't understand why Mr Anbalaya Prabhakaran and his group who
selected me as interim president are now claiming the support of 130 producers.  Why are they afraid to face GBM before elections?"

Anbalaya Prabhakaran when contacted says less than half of the members claimed by SAC want to convene GBM. Meanwhile the impasse at TFPC continues, showing the industry in bad light.

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