Producer council stands by decision removing SA Chandrasekaran from post

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Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012

Producer council stands by decision removing SA Chandrasekaran from post

Management head of producer council, Ibrahim Ravutthar conveyed that the council head SA Chandrasekaran, treasurer Dhanu, and General Secretary Thenappan were eliminated from their posts adhering to norms.

A special general body meeting of the producer council gathered on Sunday following salary revision issue between FEFSI and Producer Council. 

In this meeting, head of producer council, SA Chandrasekaran, treasurer Dhanu and secretary Thenappan were suspended for 6 months.  Also, decision was arrived at to conduct elections.  It was decided that until elections, Ibrahim Ravutthar would hold the position.
Opposition from SAC’s side:

Treasurer S Dhanu has condemned the move.  ‘As head, treasurer and secretary have not resigned, and as we have not been called for meeting, it is not valid.  It is legally wrong.  Many important icons from management did not participate in the meeting.’
So, the council headed by SA Chandrasekaran functions as usual.  S Dhanu also conveyed to reporters that the decision taken in the meeting is not valid.

Legal action:
On Monday, Ibrahim Ravuththar, producer Kayaar, K Rajan, Muralidharan, Sathyajyothi Thiyagarajan, editor Mohan and several others spoke in press meet at producer council office in the Trade and Commerce center for cinema.

They spoke ‘It is fully legal that SA Chandrasekaran’s side was removed.  The decision has been hailed.’

‘In the discussion headed by workers welfare minister Chellapandiyan, SA Chandrasekaran had partial attitude.  He spoke with intention of causing split.’

‘One can make this out easily from the fact that shooting for his son’s movie ‘Thuppaakki’ is making progress while several other shootings have been cancelled.’

‘SA Chandrasekaran spent 3 months in holidaying out of 6 months in service.  He behaved rudely with the council’s members.’

‘When his approach with the same team is this way, how could he handle the opposition team FEFSI?’

‘So, we were pushed to eliminating him and few others.  We cannot change the decision.  Soon we will bring out amicable solution for the issue with FEFSI.’
It is to be noted that several producers took part in the meeting.

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