Producer for movie ‘Samar’ retorts to accusation by Vishal

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Sunday, Feb 24, 2013

Producer for movie ‘Samar’ retorts to accusation by Vishal

Recently, movie ‘Samar’ with a different story was released.  The movie is direction by Thiru, who did movie titled ‘Theeraadha Vilaiyaattu Pillai’.  Vishal and Trisha paired up for the movie. 

In a development, Vishal said that there is a balance of Rs 75 lakhs which needs to be paid to him. He filed a related complaint with Artistes Association.  The Artistes Association conducted inquiry into the case. 

Discussion was held with both sides.  Then, producer for movie ‘Samar’ explained that the full salary has been paid to Vishal and there is no balance left. 

Vishal accused the Artistes Association for not standing by him with respect to ‘Samar’ issue.  Also, he added that the producer of movie ‘Samar’ needs to pay him Rs 75 lakhs. ‘

‘As I needed to pay Rs 2 crores to director Lingusamy, the Artistes Association mediated.  I returned the money.’ 

‘But, I have not been able to get the balance from ‘Samar’ producer’ said Vishal. 

Ramesh, producer for movie ‘Samar’ has given explanation in interview to Malai Malar. 

‘There is no balance that I need to pay to Vishal.  I have given the full amount.  I signed agreement to pay Vishal Rs 3 crores and 75 lakhs for the movie.  He has got the amount.  I gave him an excess of Rs 25 lakhs.  Totally, Rs 4 crores has been given to Vishal.  He has got amount more than he negotiated.  I have submitted the related documents to the Artistes Association.  I need not pay him a penny. It is a false complaint that he has filed.’

‘Also, theatre owners and distributors have incurred loss out of purchasing and releasing Samar’ said Ramesh.

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