Puncture shop owner retaliates back at complaint by actress Shobana

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Saturday, Jul 14, 2012

Puncture shop owner retaliates back at complaint by actress Shobana

‘The woman who runs a teashop near actress Shobana’s residence is innocent.  She has been running the teashop for the last 35 years.  So far, there has been no hindrance for anybody out of running the teashop.  Since the woman fetched water from Shobana’s residence, Shobana was infuriated and made her vacate the tea shop’ said a person by name Jyothi who runs a puncture shop in the area.

Following Shobana’s complaint, there is prevalent tension. An individual’s wife lodged a sensational comment that Shobana usurped her husband.  In a sudden development, Shobana has gone to the extent of going to commissioner office to lodge a complaint against teashop owner.  Police accepted her complaint and overnight, the shop was removed.

But a person running puncture shop near Shobana’s residence says that Shobana is lying.  The person said that Shobana does not like it even if somebody walks on the road.  The puncture shop owner spoke regarding the issue:

‘The woman who ran teashop near Shobana’s residence hails from Nellai.  She has been running the teashop for more than 35 years.  Also, she provides Tiffin for morning and lunch for afternoon.  Poor laborers are used to taking food in the place which is surrounded by bungalows’

‘There were no instances of people resorting to eve-teasing in the area.  The security personnel in Shobana’s residence used to supply water to the teashop owner without Shobana’s knowledge.  Yesterday, as the person was fetching water, Shobana happened to spot it.  Immediately, she chided them for the act.’

‘Immediately, the teashop owner apologized to Shobana.  Out of the issue, a false complaint has been lodged.  I run the puncture shop for more than 30 years.  There has been no problem in this area.  Only two years back Shobana took up residence here.  Very since her coming to the place, there has been trouble.  As she steps out of her house, she does not prefer anybody to come across her.’

‘She does not like it if somebody turns up for inflating cycle tubes.  Immediately she uses influence and brings police to the spot’

‘Already she made 3 complaints against me to the police.  Police turned up and shouted at me.  Later they understood the truth and my plight and moved off.  It has become usual for us.’

People residing in the area say that if the person’s narration turns out true, severe police action should be taken against Shobana.

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