Rajini advises Anirudh to mend his ways

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Saturday, Mar 16, 2013

Rajini advises Anirudh to mend his ways

Movie ‘3’ is direction by Aishwarya, Dhanush’s wife. Dhanush did main role in the movie.  Anirudh debuted as music composer through the movie ‘3’.  He is relative to Latha Rajinikanth.  As the number ‘Why This Kolaveri’ in the movie ‘3’ turned hit, everybody celebrated music composer Anirudh.

Some boosted Anirudh’s morale by saying that he is the successor to AR Rahman.  It seems to have got into his head.  With the same thought, Anirudh has been composing music for movies. 

Recently, as Anirudh went to Rajini’s house, Rajini enquired Anirudh about movies for which he composes music.  When Rajini asked Anirudh about who he considers as role model, Anirudh seems to have said that he wants to progress like AR Rahman.  Rajini looked at him from head to toe and said: -

‘It is quite long since AR Rahman entered cine field.’

‘But so far, not one wrong report about him has made rounds in the media. The reason is that he minds his own job.  That is the reason why he was able to reap such huge success.  But, as you were doing your debutant venture, you were linked with an actress and related reports and photographs were released.’ 

Rajini seems to have curtly asked him as to how he could turn lead music composer, the fact being that he is behind women.  Anirudh was taken aback at the remark by Rajini.  Anirudh seems to have guaranteed Rajini that he would behave himself and come up in the field.’

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