Rajini opens up about his not entering politics

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Friday, Dec 14, 2012

Rajini opens up about his not entering politics

Rajini celebrated his 63rd birthday on 12.12.12. Last evening, Chennai District Rajini Fan Club conducted birthday celebration for Rajini.  South Indian Artistes Association head Sarathkumar, Radharavi, Vaagai Chandrasekar, Lawrence, Kalaipuli S Thanu, SV Ramanan, Pandu and Namita spoke on the event. 

The hero of the event, Rajini, then made an address, the excerpts from which are as follows:-

‘Usually during my birthday, I am not in Chennai.  I used to go somewhere out of station.  There is reason for that.  Once when I celebrated my birthday in Chennai, three fans from other towns met with accident and died as they were on the way back.  The parents of those fans met me and asked me a question. I was not able to answer that question.’


‘From then, during my birthday, I have not been in Chennai.  As I suffered health setback, thousands of fans prayed for me.  Only because of the prayers, I recovered.  Only to meet those fans, I am in Chennai for my birthday this year.’

‘Two days back, my fast friend, my right hand, and the one I treat like my Hanuman, Gandhi, died of cardiac arrest. Even when my father, mother, brother, and some friends passed away, I was not this much upset as when my friend Gandhi passed away.  I was not able to sleep that night.  I was happy the next day morning, as I saw you all.  It is God’s grace.’

‘So as to wipe out the grief I suffered out of friend Gandhi’s demise, God has sent you all.  Even if someone gives 1000 crores, he cannot get these.  I have never desired gathering a crowd.  There is no need for making a show.  I do not disturb anybody.  My birthday should not prove nuisance to anybody.  I am concerned that my fans should return to their places safely.’

‘Great spiritualists teach their disciples the tricks that they know.  If they do not do that, they turn Brahma Rakshasas.  They dwell in the tress and ponds.  So, every spiritualist and Siddha teaches the tricks to their disciples.  My fans are such powerful people.’

‘If Sarathkumar had asked Jayalalithaa, and if Chandrasekar had asked Kalaignar for permission to attend my birthday celebration, they would sure have permitted.  The reason is that I am beyond politics.  Tamil fans are those who make me live.  My fans should be always fine.  Everybody knows the problem I underwent during 1996.  From then, I instructed that fans do not use my name or photo.’

‘Some spoke that I should enter politics.  Politics is like an ocean.  I am beyond politics.  I am related to Tamil people.  Tamil people are Gods who make me thrive in my life.  In 1996, a circumstance forced me to indulge in politics.  They said that if I do not convey my position, they would take me for a coward.’

‘I would beg for living. But I would not be a coward.  Since I gave support, I supported them for 5 years.  Later, I have not supported anybody.  Then, with regard to my movie, I had to protest against cadres of political party.  I did not protest to push them down.  I quit cigarettes then. Till date, I have not touched cigarettes.’

‘Politics is nothing simple.  I do not want to give false promise to make somebody happy.  No politician desires to act against masses.  They desire doing good things for masses.  But they cannot.  The system is as such.  This happens not alone in Tamil Nadu but in every state.’

In every state, and country, there is a power which decides the head.  Once, I used to drink heavily.  If I stayed away from drinks, I had to fight for sleep.  After marriage, because of love from wife Latha, I decreased alcohol intake.  But, I was not able to quit smoking.  Cigarettes were reason for health setback.  I plead with fans that they are not enslaved to smoking cigarettes.  If you have the habit, quit the habit.’

‘When I was in Ramachandra Hospital, I was not conscious.  Then, I was taken to Singapore for treatment.  The effect of the medicine given lasted for 6 months.  For the last two to three months, I am 100 percent alright.  Doctors are all surprised.  They say that this is a miracle.  The miracle is out of prayer from fans.  It is their prayer which has given me the life’

‘I ask you all again and again. Keep your mother and father happy.  Make your life and home a heaven’ spoke Rajini.

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