Rajini addresses press at London hotel

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Monday, Apr 02, 2012

Rajini addresses press at London hotel

As ‘Kochchadayaan’ shooting is in progress in London, Rajini gave interview to reporters there. In the press meet which happened in London Bentley Hotel, Rajini gave answers in English, Tamil and Hindi in his whimsical way.  

In this press meet Rajini spoke regarding ‘Kochchadayaan’.  ‘The movie will sure satisfy audience.  This movie will enthrall children and elders alike.  It will adhere to international standards.’

‘It is new experience acting in the movie.  In fact, this is not an actors’ show.  It is a show of technicians.  I am indeed proud to act in movie directed by my daughter Soundarya.’

 ‘To tell the truth, initially I did not prefer acting in the movie.  Later I left everything to Soundarya.  I concentrated in my character.  I did what Soundarya told.’

Rajini has once again ascertained that the movie would be sure released by coming Deepavali (November 13th). 

Speaking regarding his health Rajini said ‘Now, I am 90 per cent, why… fully competent.  I thank fans for prayers and worships for me.’

When asked about singing in the movie Rajini commented ‘It proved a new experience.  The song would turn out a different one for fans.’

Rajini confirmed that the movie ‘Kochchadayaan’ would be dubbed in Japanese and released.

Speaking about London Rajini commented ‘I have always liked London city.  It is one among the places I prefer visiting often.  25 years before when I came with my friend Dr. Murali, I wanted to buy house here.  But later I did not contemplate it even.  Now, I would sure buy one in London.’

About question of rising to superstar status Rajini commented ‘As per me, Amitabh Bachchhan is the real superstar.  I am contemplating doing movie with him.’

Rajini who said that AR Rehman has finished two song sequences, added that there is work for another but one song.  AR Rehman is one who has been encouraging doing the movie from very beginning.’ 

AR Rehman commented that the movie would sure turn out well and would satisfy fans..




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