Superstar Rajinis wife Latha answers reporters

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Monday, Jan 30, 2012

Superstar Rajinis wife Latha answers reporters

The following is the gist of interview given by Superstar Rajini’s wife Latha. 
Question:    Since you are superstar Rajini’s wife your life is being keenly noted by public.  How do you feel about that?
Ans:    This is not easy.  It is a like living in a glass palace.  We do not get the opportunity like others to be free.  It is not easy to escape public attention.
Q:    Your husband is a superstar.  Has this had consequences on your life?
Ans:    I have faced many consequences.  Out of that I have got lot of experiences.  Even though he is a superstar amidst masses, he does not behave that way in the house.  He acts as good family head.
Q:    The world is seeing Rajini as a superstar.  You see him as a good man.  How do you consider both of these aspects?
Ans:    We deliver our gratitude for those who place him in a high status.  We consider this as a blessing to us.  He does not have two sides. He is always a good and prominent person.
Q:    How has it been possible for Rajini to take care of children even though he is a busy person?
Ans:    He has always been a good father to the children.  During times of leisure he spends time with family and children.  During leave days he takes us to places.
Q:    Both of your daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya are in the cine field.  What is your opinion about that?
Ans:    They have chosen the profession they desired.  We did not desire to thrust our opinion.  Both are naturally talented.  Aishwarya is a good writer, speaker, singer and dancer.  Soundarya is a good dancer artiste.  They have chosen their profession in cinema as they desired.
Q:    You are busy as educator and social acitivist.  How were you able to change yourself such a way?
Ans:    I consider this as an aspect of individual’s life.  Both my husband and I are devotional.  He has an added quench for knowledge.
Q:    Do you want your husband to come to politics?
Ans:    I have not spoken about this to him.  I cannot also do that.  But I can confirm he can do a lot of service.  He always does charity and help.  Coming into politics is left to him.  But whatever he does he will do it in a good manner.
Regarding this, the desire should be uttered by him.  The information should come from him.  I won’t force him with regard to politics or anything.  According to me his individual desire and feelings are important.  He will carry out good if he comes to politics.

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