Rajini surprises fan by turning up for his marriage

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Saturday, Feb 16, 2013

Rajini surprises fan by turning up for his marriage

Yesterday, Super Star Rajinikanth turned up for marriage of his ardent fan and gave him a pleasant surprise. 

Sholingur N Ravi is Vellore District Treasurer for Rajini Fan Club.  His brother Murugan and Rajalakshmi entered wedlock yesterday. The marriage was held in Raghavendra Hall, Chennai.  The marriage reception happened day before yesterday.  Ravi’s family gave personal invitation to Rajini for the marriage. 

But generally, Rajini feels that if he goes for one family event and misses another, then the missed out person would feel bad.  So, Rajini does not appear for such events.

But Rajini is used to presenting gifts to the married couple.  So, the family of the fan were not very sure about Rajini turning up for the marriage event.  But, as everybody least expected, Rajini appeared for the marriage reception at 7 in the evening. 

Rajini walked past thousands of fans who had gathered and stood before the couple.  Only slowly, it dawned upon everybody that Rajini was there for the marriage.  So, everybody stood up. 

The married couple and the family shed tears of joy. Rajini calmed them down, blessed the couple and presented gifts.  Then, he left immediately. 

After Rajini left, noted icons including his elder brother Sathyanarayana Gaekwad and Rajini’s friend Raj Bahadur wished the couple.  Management officials of Rajini fan club were there for the marriage.

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