Rajini wipes out his teacher’s poverty

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Monday, Sep 09, 2013

Rajini wipes out his teacher’s poverty

Superstar Rajinikanth has provided financial assistance to poverty-stricken teacher who gave him education.

During childhood, superstar Rajinikanth studied in Kavipuram Government School, Bangalore.  Santhamma, a teacher in the school, taught Kannada, English, and Science to Rajini.  Currently, Santhamma is aged 78 and she is residing with her husband in Jalahalli, Bangalore. 

Rajini came to know that the poor couple is residing in small hut without any income.  So, Rajini desired meeting them in person.  But since Rajini is busy with ‘Kochadaiyaan’ schedules, he has not had sufficient time to arrange for meeting with the couple. 

Recently, during Teacher’s Day, Rajini was reminded of his teacher Santhamma.  Immediately he called his assistant and said ‘Meeting with Santhamma is getting delayed.  Get her bank account number and ask her how much money she needs. Then, deposit the money in her account. Tell her that I would meet her the next time when I visit Bangalore.’

Rajini’s assistant called up Murugan, head of Rajini Fan Club, Banglaore and made a relevant call.  Murugan visited Santhamma at her residence.  Rajini’s assistant deposited Rs 3 lakhs that they requested. 

Rajini’s teacher Santhamma said: -

‘I conducted classes for Sivaji Rao from 5th Standard to 7th Standard.  Then, his family was in difficulty.  He never showed it out and attended to his studies.  During times other than studies, he used to be a prankster.  His handwriting used to be very good.  Then, I used to think that the fate written for him is good.’

‘Same way, he is in heights which nobody could imagine.  He is in such a position that he could give whatever I demand.  But, I requested what I needed.  Let him be hale and hearty. Let God bless him with a long life.’

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