Rajinikanth talk with Kavinger Vairamuthu

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Sunday, Jul 03, 2011

Rajinikanth talk with Kavinger Vairamuthu
Super star Rajinikanth talk through phone from Singapore to his dear friend Kavinger Vairamuthu day before yesterday Vairamuthu enquire about health of Rajinikanth affectionately, said to him you don’t worry about film Rana, you take full rest for recovery of health.
In Singapore extreme good treatment to him and now progressive improvement in his health after discharge from the hospital he is now residing there for outpatient treatment and full rest for some more days as advised by doctors. he conducted through phone to Chief Minister Jayalalitha, DMK leader Karunanithi, Director Balachandar,Director K S Ravikumar and Director Shankar and explained them about his health in continuation Super star talked to Kavinger Vairamuthu.
Vairamuthu said about it to press "Rajinikanth talks with me day before yesterday, his voice is very clear, as it is his own nature already. On his speeches i observe his good healthy condition his also enquire about my health if further said to me he adhere diets, small exercises as advised by doctors usually then i told him to take full rest until full recovery of health, don’t think now about now actions in the films, health is very important, number of good hearted peoples prayers and wishes is additional strength for you. It’s sure you return to Chennai with full recovery of health - greetings to you”
Vairamuthu concluded this to press.
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