Super hit movies missed by Rajini - Part I

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Sunday, Mar 11, 2012

Super hit movies missed by Rajini - Part I

After reading director Shankar's responses in vikatan medai and his startling revelation that "Indian" was made with superstar Rajinikanth in mind, we decided to write about the super hit movies that were passed over by Rajini in different parts.

A part will discuss about a movie that is missed by Rajini due to several circumstances ranging from political situation to story of the movie and/or climax of the movie.

As Rajini's films, though this article is appearing late, it has the latest informations. Now let us plunge into the first part.

Director A. R. Murugadoss (ARM) was invited to the boes garden house of Rajini to discuss about a possible project with the superstar. ARM was in top gear after his mega-hit movies "Ramana" and "Ghajini". While the former was a anti-corruption drama, the later was action-thriller.

Rajini told him that he liked "Ramana" very much and appreciated ARM for the different treatment of "Ghajini". Rajini then went on to say,"we should have done a movie before. It's o.k" and then he asked ARR what was his next project and whether he committed any movie with anyone.

Amazed by the hospitality and open minded appreciation from Rajini, ARM could not hold his tounge and made a revelation to the top star.

"Sir, I made the original Ramana with you in mind but i was scared by the fact that your die hard fans would not accept the movie's tragic climax. So i did not approach you", ARM told Rajini.

Conceding ARM's subtle understanding of the pulse of both the audiences and his fans Rajini told him that it was very true and he could understand how the people would have taken it.

The conversation was not over there and they both further discussed about a script that was again missed by Rajini. Let us discuss about that in our next part.

So from the above discussion, it is very clear that Rajini missed "Ramana" due to its climax. Ramana was a super hit movie, no denying that but if Rajini was the male protagonist, thing about the massive response it would have created and the phenominal success the movie would have attained.

Past is past. According to part I, Ramana is one such movie missed by Rajini.

Let us see about the other movies missed by Rajini in the coming weeks and parts.

Watch this space for the second part our dear readers......

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