Nothing in common between ‘Sultan’ and ‘Kochadayaan’

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Sunday, Nov 27, 2011

Nothing in common between ‘Sultan’ and ‘Kochadayaan’

Kochadayaan’ the movie, has a totally new story and is being made using new technical nuances. ‘There is nothing to relate between the movie ‘Sultan’ and ‘Kochadayaan’’, said director K. S. Ravikumar.  Soundarya Rajini had announced four to five years back that she would produce and direct the movie ‘Sultan – The Warrior’.  She decided to make it through the technical nuances of animation.  In between, since Rajini started acting in ‘Enthiran’, the venture was halted.

It was alleged that Sultan will be released after release of ‘Enthiran’.  But due to several obstacles, the fact being that Sultan was almost kept at check, Raana’ was announced by Rajini,

But the very April 29th ‘Raana’ shooting commenced, Rajini had a health setback.  Fans might recollect all that happened subsequently.
It was alleged that Rajini will resume ‘Raana’ venture after return from Singapore.  Many guesses were made and many magazines guesstimated several dates in which the venture will commenced.  But there was no comment from Rajini’s quarters. They said it will be announced in January.  Rajini also affirmed this. As is the situation, it was announced that Rajini’s new venture will be ‘Kochadayaan’.
This film being not even animation, is like James Cameroon’s ‘Avatar’ and Spielberg’s ‘Tin Tin’ which use the strategy of motion capturing. This movie is to be full and full a 3D one.

When asked about whether this movie is a resumption of the already dropped venture ‘Sultan’, K. S. Ravikumar who has taken up the responsibility of supervision of direction has said, ‘Some alleged some time back that ‘Sultan’ is ‘Kochadayaan’.  I have already told both are totally different from each other.  I maintain the claim… There is nothing to relate between ‘Sultan’ and ‘Kochadayaan’.  ‘Kochadayaan’ is a totally new story. It has a totally different screenplay.’

‘It is Rajini Sir who is to act in this movie.  The sequences are shot within a hi-tech set and converted using motion capturing strategy.  It is all that.  Otherwise, this is full and full a Rajini movie.’

‘‘Raana’ is a heavy subject.  Acting in this movie before ‘Raana’ will be a relaxation for Rajini, and at the same time it would not weigh him down too much. That’s why this decision. Raana will definitely begin in 2012’


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