Rajini’s fans follow his advice and kick the butt

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Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

Rajini’s fans follow his advice and kick the butt

Recently, Rajini addressed a public gathering during his birthday.  Then, he made a mention to his fans. ‘I have quit the habit of smoking.  I have not touched cigarettes for movies also.  Only because of cigarettes, by health deteriorated.  Now, through prayers from fans, I have recovered.’

‘Not one of my fans should smoke.  Please quit the habit if you have it.  Worship your father and mother’ spoke Rajini. 

As the crowd dispersed after his address, hundreds of Rajini fans threw away cigarette packets and cigarettes.  Some people set ablaze cigarette packets by the side of road. 

Headed by Saidai Ravi, Rajini fans gathered in Saidapet, Chennai.  ‘Long live Superstar Rajini... We would not touch cigarette packets any more...’ the fans raised slogans. 

Regarding this, Saidai Ravi spoke:-  For long, we had smoking habit.  Out of advice from Rajini, we quit the habit.  We would not touch cigarettes henceforth.  In Saidapet area, many of Rajini’s fans have quit smoking.’

It is reported that thousands of Rajini fans across Tamil Nadu have quit the smoking habit.  Sinora Ashok, who belongs to Rajini fan club said:- 

‘Everyday, hundreds of Rajini fans are quitting the cigarette habit.  Also, as per Rajini’s advice they are worshipping their parents.’

‘Rajini’s fan Samikannu from Pallikaranai prostrated his father and mother the day after Rajini spoke.  The parents who did not expect this had pleasant surprise. They hugged their son and shed tears.

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