Raju Murugan talks about Joker

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Friday, Jun 03, 2016

Raju Murugan talks about Joker

The director of 'Cuckoo', Raju Murugan, has finished work on his second film, Joker. Guru Somasundaram has done the lead role.

Raju Murugan says that, “Nobody talks about poverty any more, maybe because everybodyn now has a smartphone.

But do all of them have access to toilets?” He also said that he went on a six-month journey across India, looking for “something to be disturbed by” to write the script.

He calls Joker a film about the ills of globalisation. It is the story about middle-aged and poor, a simpleton who doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have the right to dismiss the corrupt politicians he has helped elect.

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