Actress Rakhi Sawanth laments plight

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Monday, Oct 31, 2011

Actress Rakhi Sawanth laments  plight

Bollywood actress Rakhi  Sawanth laments that she is being chosen for scenes showing sexual attack.

Actress Rakhi Sawanth is known for the controversies in which she is entangled. She always gets into trouble by picking up quarrel. Recently she caused ripples by saying that she wishes to marry Baba Ramdev.

She has made a different lament recently. ‘ I am receiving chances to act in scenes showing sexual attack. I do not wish to expose my body.  I am feeling bad about why I am being called to act in such scenes’.  Further including this, she has dragged John Abraham and Deepika Padukone into a brawl.
What she says regarding this is as follows.
‘The censor board dismisses the songs in which I dance as very obscene.  But I can show 200 songs which are more obscene (as an instance, the songs acted by John Abraham and Deepika  Padukone) The censor board should not target me just because I am not the family of Khan, Kapoor, or Bachchan. 

Until now I have been concentrating in the television programs. I have recently engaged a new assistant.  Soon you will me in the silver screen. I desire to act with Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, and his son  Ram Charan Teja. ‘

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