Reason behind death of Nithyasree’s husband comes to light

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Saturday, Dec 22, 2012

Reason behind death of Nithyasree’s husband comes to light

Singer Nithyasree has given statement that her husband Mahadevan committed suicide unable to bear the grief over death of his mother upon whom he had immense love. 

Following statement by Nithyasree, police conducted inquiry with Mahadevan’s car driver Suresh.  Following police investigation, it has come to light that Mahadevan suffered depression for the last 5 years and that it turns out reason for his suicide. 

Nithyasree married Mahadevan 13 years back.  The couple has two daughters.  Mahadevan had been suffering from mental depression for the last 5 years. 

It is said that, resultantly, there has been no peace in Nithyasree’s life.  On several instances, Mahadevan had not been conscious of what he was doing.  This came to light as the police grilled Mahadevan’s car driver Suresh. 

Regarding this, Suresh spoke:-

‘While driving the car, Mahadevan used to wag his hands and legs.  He used to shout out.  He used to stop the car in some place and pass urine unaware of where he was attending to the nature’s call.  I used to be there for duty at 8 in the morning.  As I had to go for Sabari Mala, I turned up for duty only at around 11 in the morning yesterday.’

‘As I went to Mahadevan’s residence, he asked me to take him to the boat club in the car.  I took him as he said.  His daughters are participating in tennis practice there.  He met them in the club and asked them whether they have practice in the evening.  Then, he asked me to be seated in the front and he drove the car.’

‘When he halted the car in Kotturpuram Bridge, I thought he was about to attend to nature’s call as he usually does.  But, he jumped into the river.’ Also, reportedly, Mahadevan used to indulge in clash with his wife. 

But Nithyasree has said that there is no issue between her and her husband Mahadevan.  Police have confirmed that Mahadevan is receiving treatment for depression in Apollo Hospital, Chennai.  Thus, the police have clarified that reason for Mahadevan’s suicide is depression that he was suffering from.

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