Record collection for ‘Viswaroopam’ as DTH Premier reservations are made

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Tuesday, Jan 01, 2013

Record collection for ‘Viswaroopam’ as DTH Premier reservations are made

Kamal Haasan makes rounds among fans as a very talented artiste.  There has been clash between Kamal Haasan and theatre owners with regard to release of movie ‘Viswaroopam’.

Kamal Haasan has foiled the bid by theatre proprietors not to screen movie in theatres if it is premiered through DTH.  Thus, Kamal Haasan has created a world record. 

For the DTH premier of ‘Viswaroopam’, as many as 30 lakh reservations have already been made, Airtel Company has conveyed.  This means that collection is Rs 300 crores. 

Among the reservations, more than half are for Tamil version.  This is just the account maintained by Airtel.  There are yet another 5 DTH Companies.  When taking everything into account, the movie ‘Viswaroopam’ would yield collection of Rs 500 – 1000 crores even before release in theatres.  This is an accomplishment any other movie in the world has not made. 

‘Kamal does not know marketing... he is paving way for enmity with theatre owners... the movie is not good... he is trying to usurp as much money as possible...’ These were accusations made against Kamal Haasan.  But Kamal Haasan has come out with accomplishment at which those critics are gaping in wonder.  

Theatres sell Rs 50 ticket for Rs 200, and forge accounts that there is loss.  As a solution, Kamal Haasan has resorted to DTH service providers which show accounts clearly.  Also, he has proved that the DTH would prove profit to producers of movies.  The profit would be more, Kamal Haasan has proved.  Thus, it would sure recharge the cine field and make it healthy, Kamal Haasan has proved. 

For example, Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg 2’ yielded collection of Rs 100 crore within six days of release.  Similarly, a Hollywood movie yielded a collection of 82 crores on the very first day. 

Now, as we consider the feat by Kamal Haasan, it is really commendable.  Those who reprimanded Kamal for his move would sure enquire with him so as to implement the same for their movies.

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