Reportedly, Ajit does Sri Lankan refugee in ‘Billa 2’

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Thursday, Jul 12, 2012

Reportedly, Ajit does Sri Lankan refugee in ‘Billa 2’

Sensational report is abuzz that, in ‘Billa 2’, Ajitkumar does a character providing financial assistance for Ezham revolution. 

The remake of ‘Billa’ in which Ajit starred gave him uplift in cinema career.  Now there is the second half of the movie.  The story, unlike the first one, relates how a common man turns a gangster. 

Sensational reports are that the story goes thus. 

The Hollywood movie Scarface released in 1983 stars Al Pacino.  The movie is a crime thriller which turned a megahit.  The story is very brief…

 Al Pacino comes as refugee from Cuba to Miami.  There he develops connection with gang smuggling cocaine.  Later, Al Pacino turns the head of the gang.  Money starts showering upon him.  He sends the money to Cuba.  He assists in the revolution against Cuba government.

The movie triggered protests among Cuba people.  Cubans residing in Miami resorted to agitation.  They fumed against depicting Cubans as drug smugglers.  But the movie turned a megahit.  Al Pacino’s delivery was much spoken about.

Let us take up Billa… Reports say that the movie is based on ‘Scarface’.  In ‘Billa 2’ Ajit emerges in character of refugee from Sri Lanka.  Forced by circumstances, Ajit turns a gangster.  Then, he assists in the revolution happening in his country… This is the storyline, say reports.

The genuineness of the report has not been verified so far.  Just a few days ahead for release… we would make out the story then.

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