Reports about Nayanthara taking up Draupathi role

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Monday, Apr 09, 2012

Reports about Nayanthara taking up Draupathi role

Nayanthara who played role of Seeta, is now to take up Draupathi role, say reports.

In Telugu, Nayanthara took up role of Seetha in movie ‘Sri Ramarajjiyam’.  There were protests as she was about to take up the role.  The question is about how Nayanthara, who plotted to separate a woman from her husband, could take up the role.

But, Telugu hero NTR Balakrishna, unmindful of all these, made Nayanthara play role of Seeta.  The movie was released in Telugu and earned tremendous applause.  Particularly, there was tremendous welcome for role of Seeta. 

Balakrishna, enthralled at the success, has decided to cast Nayanthara in another one of his movies.  He is to cast Nayanthara in the role of Draupathi.  Several years before, he had decided to cinematize the story of Draupathi.

Decision was arrived at to cast late Soundarya in the movie.  But unexpectedly, Soundarya met her end in helicopter crash.  So, Balakrishna dropped the venture. 

Balakrishna, who is amazed at Nayanthara’s tremendous performance, has decided to cast her in Draupathi’s role.  He seems to have spoken to Nayanthara about this.  It seems Nayanthara would concede.

Balakrishna has named the movie ‘Nardhana Saala’. Balakrishna has decided to commence the movie schedule after Nayanthara nods in assent.

It is not known what role Balakrishna would take up in the movie.  It is not known whether he would play Krishna who provided saris to Draupathi or he would do Dharman’s character.

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