RJ Balaji’s rehabilitation work

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Tuesday, Dec 08, 2015

RJ Balaji’s rehabilitation work

RJ Balaji today posted his message in his twitter page. He thanked all volunteers who joined his team and involved sincerely in the relief works. He said relief works is not enough for the flood affected people who lost everything in the flood.

The food, milk, water for a day is only for the immediate relief, these people is in critical situation to start their life from the beginning.

He also added their team had stopped relief works and will plan for the rehabilitation works of flood victims united with large organizations like Lion club and others. He has also given a whatsApp no for the volunteers to join them. 

He tweeted that, “Those who want to volunteer in our rehabilitation work, whatsapp ur name n area wit #ChennaiMicro to 90431 32911. Plz dont cal.We wil cal u”.

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