"Some body put my signature" said S.A.Chandrasekar

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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011

Director S.A Chandrasekar  and father of actor Vijay met Mr.Thiripathy( commissioner of police chennai) and launched complaint to him . Then he met the press and said "I was then vice president of tamilnadu film producers union" - at the tenure of president Rama Narayanan.

Now after resignation of Rama Narayanan I am holding the post of president temporarily. In the mean time  Actor  Babu Ganesh filed a case is in the court.

Mean while last 2 days back there is one circular issued duly put my signature as forgery one , the signature affixed in the circular is not my sign. In this circular there is some references furnished as on the attention of cable TV proprietors.

Telecasting rights from the year 2011 to 2012 through tamil film producer union issued to Salem 'Wheel Media' and Tanjore 'Channel Vision' already.

Even though now the change in office bearers said union, the telecasting rights extended and so that monthly subscription may be remitted.

Duly signed by S A Chandrasekaran.

It is mentioned as above in the circular.

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