Sakthi Vasu about Sivalinga

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Tuesday, Jan 03, 2017

Sakthi Vasu about Sivalinga

Sakthi, son of veteran filmmaker P Vasu is keen that his career will take a positive turn with Sivalinga.

The Thottal Poo Malarum actor plays a pivotal role in the movie that has enough scope for him to give his best.

Says Sakthi, 'When my father narrated the story, I decided I should do that particular role. It has everything an actor would act'.

Thanking Raghava Lawrence for giving enough screen space, he said, 'Raghava master was large-hearted and encouraged and motivated me a lot'.

He said Sivalinga is a crime horror thriller and audience would appreciate the film.Also he said Vadivelu's comedy is amazing and hilarious.

The movie has Rithik Singh playing the heroine.

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