Samantha’s tweets cause tension in directors

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Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013

Samantha’s tweets cause tension in directors

As far as Siddharth was into Telugu movies, Samantha was used to chatting with him for at least half an hour daily.  But now, Siddharth is not by Samantha’s side.  Siddharth swore oath to gain firm foothold in Kollywood and made good his escape. So, Samantha posts in Twitter whatever she feels like telling Siddharth. 

After reading Samantha’s tweets, her friends and fans post their comments.  But, at times, Samantha tweets whatever happens in shooting spot.  Also, she divulges details of her role in movies. 

Already, directors had placed condition with Samantha that movie’s story and character should be maintained a secret.  But, as Samantha divulged details through her tweets, some directors became tense.

Recently, a director was very angry with Samantha.  Following that, Samantha promised that she would tweet her personal matters alone, and that she would not divulge details regarding a movie on make.

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