Santhanam reveals his indebtedness to Simbu

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Saturday, Dec 15, 2012

Santhanam reveals his indebtedness to Simbu

Santhanam was orator for ‘Lollu Sabha’.  Then, Simbu was looking for comedy actor for movie ‘Manmadhan’. Although there were several hassles to it, Simbu made Santhanam do the movie.

Simbu did not drop it there and then, but made Santhanam do his movies as ‘Vallavan’, ‘Silambattam’ and several other movies.  Thus, Simbu brought Santhanam to the centre of limelight. 

Now, the scenario is such that there is not one movie without Santhanam.  Now, the position is such that if Santhanam is in the movie, market for the movie is guaranteed.  Although Santhanam has shot to fame, he does not forget Simbu who helped in progress. 

‘Simbu has made me an actor who the world knows.  I do not know how I am going to pay back for what Simbu did for me in this birth’ said Santhanam. He added ‘Even if I am doing many movies, if Simbu calls me for call-sheet I would give it without second thought.  I would not worry even if other producers are angry.’

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