Sasikumar all praises for Lakshmi Menon

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Saturday, Dec 08, 2012

Sasikumar all praises for Lakshmi Menon

There is one particular group which gives a token of appreciation for delivery by actors and actresses in movies. But, some people exceedingly praise stars in movies.  Sasikumar seems to be doing just that. 

Although many actresses have paired up with Sasikumar, people are aghast at how he describes Lakshmi Menon, who paired up with him for ‘Sundara Pandiyan’.  ‘She is no average girl.  She changes expression every minute.  She is such a wonderful actress’ said Sasikumar. 

Although Sasikumar has given this much buildup, nobody has approached Lakshmi Menon following the movie Sundara Pandiyan. Lakshmi Menon has got the impression of actress who could do just budget movies. ‘But nobody could wipe out the future of a talented actress’ Sasikumar has commented.  Sasikumar has given challenging role for Lakshmi Menon in his upcoming flick ‘Kutti Puli’. 

Sasikumar has said that the movie would earn accolades for Lakshmi Menon. Thus, he is all praises for Lakshmi Menon.

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