Sasikumar’s remuneration skyrockets

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Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013

Sasikumar’s remuneration skyrockets

Some directors receive movie chance only if their first movie turns a hit.  Director Sasikumar did not want to take risk, and decided investing money for movie that he did.  Thus, he got into the arena as director and producer.  

Director Sasikumar could feel the pulse in Tamil fans, and is an expert director, hero, and producer.  But, more than direction, Sasikumar is good at acting.  His body language and dialogues are the main reason for his success as an actor.  

Resultantly, movies as ‘Sundarapandiyan’ and ‘Kuttipuli’ proved him as a good actor.  So, Sasikumar is showing interest in acting.  So, for the time being, Sasikumar is staying away from direction of movies.  

Currently, Sasikumar is to make a different appearance in movie ‘Brahman’ directed by Socrates.  Also, Sasikumar is committed as hero for another movie.  

One need not teach producers to stick to heroes who give serial hits. They are experts in selecting heroes for their movies.

For the abovementioned movie, Sasikumar has been given salary of Rs 8 crores. The advance is Rs 3 crores.  

Of course, there is huge demand for Sasikumar.  


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