Scissors go into 14 scenes in Kaattuppuli

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Friday, Feb 10, 2012

Scissors go into 14 scenes in Kaattuppuli

As much as 14 scenes in Arjun Starrer ‘Kaattupuli’, a directorial venture by Tinu Varma have been censored. Popular Bollywood stunt director Tinu Varma is directing a movie in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.  This movie has been titled ‘Kaattupuli’.  Arjun and Piyanka Desai have paired up for the movie.  The list of stars for the movie includes Ameet –Hanya and Jaahan – Jenifer.

Director Tinu Varma has taken up the issue of presence of unbefitting people in the medical profession.  He explains how such people prove danger to society.

The movie has in store new and hair-raising experience as it depicts scenes involving cannibals and man hunters.

The story is about how Arjun, a doctor who gets caught in jungle with wife and child is rescued by three pairs of people.    The movie has sensational scenes of danger the characters encounter.

There are thrilling scenes in the movie.  Also, there is no dearth for romance scenes in the movie.  The censor board which viewed the movie has deleted 14 scenes involving lip-to-lip kiss between Jaahan and Jenifer. 

There were that much of hot scenes in the movie.  Although the director is a bit disappointed with censor board’s move, he accepted since the movie has to reach all quarters among audience.

This movie which has been directed by Tinu Varma, and is also a production venture by his ‘Kapishek Films’ is to be released this February 17th in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi across the globe.

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