Secrets about Anjali come to light

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Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013

Secrets about Anjali come to light

Day before yesterday, Anjali gave interview from Hyderabad that there is danger to her life.  Also, she released a sensational report that the one who everybody thinks is her mother is in fact her aunt.  Also, Anjali accused that her aunt usurped all her money and property. 

Regarding the comments by Anjali, her aunt Bharathi Devi spoke
‘It is true that I am Anjali’s aunt.  She is my sister Parvathi Devi’s daughter.  My sister Parvathi Devi is residing in Jaganpettai, Andhra. 

‘My sister was undergoing much hardship with a male child and female child, Anjali.  My sister’s husband ditched her and ran away from home.  My sister married another person and gave birth to two male children and two female children.’ 

In a development, Anjali, who was doing her Plus Two, romanced a guy named Sri Ram and bolted away from house.  They traced her after one month. 

I was staying in Chennai and I brought Anjali from Jaganpettai.  Since I do not have a female child, I cared for Anjali very much.  I struggled a lot and made her an actress.  Director Kalanjiyam gave her training in acting.  Also, he taught her the gait which she has to maintain.’

For the first time, Anjali did a Telugu movie without pay.  The movie turned a flop.  Then she did another Telugu movie without pay. Again, the movie turned a flop. 

She received her first payment for Kannada movie.  They gave her Rs 50, 000 for the movie.  Then, she did a Malayalam movie and received Rs 1 lakhs. 

Anjali was not paid for the debutant Tamil venture ‘Katradhu Thamizh’.  They gave her Rs 1 lakhs for movie ‘Aayudham Seivom’.  She was paid Rs 8 lakhs for ‘Karungaali’.  She received a huge pay for movie ‘Settai’.  She was paid Rs 20 lakhs for the movie. 

Out of money she earned, I purchased her a residence in Valasaravakkam, Chennai.  Only I know details about how many times she bolted away from house. 

Once, Anjali pushed me into a room in the house, locked the room and bolted away with Kannada director Bharath Shah.  I opened the room with the help of neighbours and went to Koyambedu Bus Terminus, where I found her in a bus which was to leave for Bangalore.  I have struggled this much and have made her a celebrity.  This is the price she pays back for all that I have done for her.’

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