Seeman covers Manivannan’s body with LTTE flag and pays homage

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Saturday, Jun 15, 2013

Seeman covers Manivannan’s body with LTTE flag and pays homage

Director – actor Manivannan, who had unparalleled love for Tamil, and who was noted for his patriotism, passed away today following heart attack. 

Seeman, head of Naam Thamizhar party, covered Manivannan’s body with Tamil Eelam’s National Flag and paid homage to Manivannan. 
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In the beginning, Manivannan supported the DMK political party.  As Vaiko separated from DMK and formed MDMK party, Manivannan joined the party headed by Vaiko.  Then he took up responsibility as editor for magazine Neethiyin Porvaal. 

Due to difference of opinion, Manivannan separated from MDMK.  But, Manivannan had been speaking high of Vaiko.  When director Seeman formed the Naam Thamizhar party, Manivannan campaigned in Tamil Nadu in favour of the Naam Thamizhar party. 

Manivannan considered Tamil Eelam head Prabhakaran as his leader.  So, he married off his son to Eelam girl.  Manivannan’s desire was that, after death, the Tamil Eelam flag should cover his body. 

Recently, Manivannan spoke on the audio launch of ‘Amaidhipadai – 2’.

‘If I was born in Eelam, I would have turned a warrior and sacrificed my life for the Eelam.’ 

‘Since I am born in Tamil Nadu, there is Eelam feeling in me.  After my death, people would come claiming to be my relations.  My body should not be handed over to them.  My body should be handed over to brother Seeman.  He should carry out the final rites.  My body should be covered with LTTE flag.  This is my last desire. Nothing else to be said....’

Seeman has fulfilled Manivannan’s last desire.  Seeman, who came to pay his homage today, covered Manivannan’s body with LTTE flag.  The final rites for Manivannan are to be conducted in Porur tomorrow evening.  His body is to be taken in a procession from his house in KK Nagar to Porur where his body is to be cremated.

Director Manivannan Passes Away Photos

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