Set for movie ‘Vallinam’ raised at huge cost

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Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012

Set for movie ‘Vallinam’ raised at huge cost

‘Vallinam’ is movie produced by ‘Aascar’ Ravichandran.  The movie stars Nakul and new face Mridula.  The movie is directed by ‘Eeram’ Arivazhagan.  For the climax scene of the movie, a set worth 1 ½ crores resembling a basketball ground has been raised.  The shooting is being held in the set.  Regarding the movie, director Arivazhagan addressed reporters: -

‘The movie centres romance between the hero who treats games as life and heroine who treats life as game.  Also, we are relating a social issue in the movie.  Usually if it is a movie centring games, it would be clash between games. In this movie, it is clash between basketball and cricket’

‘We gave rigorous training to Nakul, made him an actual basketball player, and made him do the movie.  The set has been raised for the climax game and action scenes in the movie.  Floor carpets have been brought from abroad and the set has been raised.  The set is worth 1 ½ crores.  The shooting is to be held for one week.  Daily, about 1500 co-artistes are participating.  The estimated cost for the climax alone including the shooting is expected to reach 2 crores’

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