Sexual harassment towards women

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Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011

Sexual harassment towards women

“Mayanginen Thayanginen” is a film that is proudly presented by Thaiman Films. S.T. Vendan who directed Inba is directing this film. It is remarkable that S.T. Vendan. worked as a  lecturer in Tamil Nadu Government Film College.”Mayanginen Thayanginen “ is a film which exposes the sad plight of the society.

Nithin Sathya is the hero of this film. Disha Pandey is paired opposite him. Tarun Shatriya is acting as the second hero. There is also a big star cast in this film including Ganja Karuppu, debutant actress Bala, Tejashree, Ajay Rathnam and T.P. Gajendran.

Sanjana Singh who acted in Renigunda is dancing for a wonderful “Kutthu” song. This is a song that happens in the temple festival. Bobby has choreographed this song.

The music of “Mayanginen Thayanginen” is being composed by Kannan of “Tamizh Padam” fame. Songs have been written by Yugabharathi, Viveka and Ilayakamban. While the cinematography is being taken care by Rameswaran, V. Prabhakar who has written dialogues for several films including Pokkiri has written the dialogues.

Editing is taken care by Udayashankar and art by P.L. Deva. Rajeswari Vendan is producing the film on behalf of Thaiman Films. The story of the film revolves around four youngsters. What director S.T. Vendan said about this is as follows, “We have captured the wishes, dreams, romance and feelings of four youngsters who reside in an apartment in Chennai.

Instead of just concentration on just romance, chat among friends, we have laid stress on a social issue. We have captured the life in Chennai in a realistic manner.

The five songs of this film have come out in a wonderful manner. The “kutthu” song by Sanjana Singh will be the favorite song of youngsters this year. The music and dance have come out in a wonderful manner. The climax of this film will be talked about in a big way.
This film in is tandem with the changing taste and expectations of youngsters. It has come out well in all aspects including romance, humour and social interest.

When asked what novelty is in the social theme, what director Vendan told made was really astonishing.

The instigation for this film is something which I witnessed. It was a Women’s Mental Asylum. A woman and her daughter were admitted in a mental asylum which is near to Chennai. A big amount was given for this. But ironically sexual harassment was meted out towards the mother and daughter which cannot be described in words. Those who resisted this were driven out. When told about this to us we volunteered to go there directly; we broke the door and rescued the women.

In this way, newspapers reveal that sexual harassment is meted out towards ladies in several mental asylums. This is what we have honestly captured in this film. From this incident we are not jumping to conclusion that all the mental asylums are bad. We know even those asylums that are service-oriented;we are not criticizing them.”

The shooting of the film took place in Chennai and Thalaikonam. The post-production work is being done seriously. The film is to be released soon.

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