Shaam speaks of movie ‘6’

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Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013

Shaam speaks of movie ‘6’

Shaam not alone does movie ‘6’, but is also into production of the movie.  The movie is direction by VZ Durai.  The movie is set for release soon.


Shaam spoke regarding the movie:-

‘Although I have done hit movies, I have not turned a lead hero.  As I contemplated turning lead hero, I decided putting in extra efforts for upcoming flick.’

 ‘That was the time when VZ Durai told me the story. There is a person who happily lives his life.  Then suddenly there is storm in his life and he roams around India.  The story is about what he does.  It is difficult to get producer for the movie.  The reason is that nobody would invest 10 crores relying on Shaam.  I told this to my brother.’

 ‘The very next day, he gave me Rs 5 crore and asked me to commence the schedules.  That was how I turned producer.  I have put in efforts such that I give back my brother’s money and I succeed as a hero.’ 

 ‘The movie ‘6’ is to decide my life.  The reason for the title ‘6’ is that the story happens within 6 years. 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 hours.  The move story covers 6 states’ said Shaam. 

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