Shah Rukh Khan takes U-turn

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Friday, Nov 27, 2015

Shah Rukh Khan takes U-turn

In a surprising turn of event, Shah Rukh Khan, who was the first Bollywood actor to join the ongoing debate on “growing intolerance” in the country - claimed that he never said India is intolerant.

He said, “I talk about something and it is misconstrued, and I get into trouble. That’s a nuisance.” Broaching on his controversial comment, he said, “Like that thing which blew up recently — I never said India is intolerant. When I was asked about it, I said I wouldn’t like talking about it, but when they insisted, I had just said that the youth should concentrate on making this a secular, progressive country.”

Shah Rukh was attacked by the BJP leaders and branded a ‘Pakistani agent’ after he said there was an atmosphere of growing intolerance in the country. 

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