Shah Rukh Khan’s moving address in annual event in Goa

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Monday, Nov 05, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan’s moving address in annual event in Goa

Debate titled Think Best was held in Panaji, Goa.  This event is held every year in Goa.  Hindi actor Shah Rukh Khan participated in the event and spoke:-

‘There are certain shortcomings in me.  I understand that.  I regret those shortcomings.  But I do not know what would happen because of those shortcomings.’

‘I have a beautiful family.  Also, I have good friends.  I spend majority of the time with them.  My father passed away when I was 15.  I do not desire dying like my father.’

‘I do not desire remaining a nonentity.  I desire being successful individual.  Believe me…  Although I am in peak of fame, I feel like I am alone.  I sense a void and restlessness.’

‘I compensate these shortcomings through acting.  When young, I was poverty-stricken.  My family underwent many difficulties.  My father is a great individual who faced successful failures.  I am proud of him.’

‘Before I entered cinemas, my father took me to cinema.  But as he did not have enough money, he was not able to get the ticket.  So, he seated me in the auditorium and showed the vehicles and pointed out the beauty.’

‘Now, I am able to take my children to cinema theaters and show them movies.  When my father passed away, my sister was shattered.  She was not able to cry.  She could only feel the pain.  It took two years for her to come out of that.’

‘People see me as angry person.  These are mistakes that happen when one is emotional.  I do not desire going into these issues which happen in midst of life.’

‘I do not desire blowing up the issue which happened in Wankhede Stadium during IPL Cricket.  During shooting for Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa there was issue out of a press person. 

He wrote and released an article linking me with an actress.  I went to his house and threatened him.  Following complaint by him, I was arrested and remanded under police custody. 

‘As I was remanded in police custody, they allowed me to make just one call.  Even then, I did not talk to my family or my lawyer.  I called up the reporter and forwarded threat. Later, I realized the folly in it’ said Shah Rukh Khan.

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