Shah Rukh Khan’s surrogate baby boy named AbRam

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Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013

Shah Rukh Khan’s surrogate baby boy named AbRam

Shah Rukh Khan is lead actor in Bollywood.  Shah Rukh Khan is married to Gauri, and the couple has daughter named Suhana and son named Aryan. 

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri couple desired having another child.  But Gauri did not desire becoming pregnant.  Gauri decided to go for child through surrogacy.  She brought a close relation from London and impregnated her in the hospital and made her carry the child. 


Shah Rukh made the surrogate mother reside in secret place, and doctors monitored her condition. 

Shah Rukh Khan frequently visited the surrogate mother in the hospital.  This aroused suspicion in others.  It was reported that Shah Rukh Khan visited hospital for medical examination.  At last, it came to light that Shah Rukh Khan had child through surrogate mother. 

Two months before stipulated time, the surrogate mother gave birth to child.  Since it was a premature delivery, the child was placed in incubator in hospital and given treatment.  After the child recovered, Shah Rukh Khan took the child to his residence.  Also, the surrogate mother returned to London. These matters were kept as secret. 

In a development, Shah Rukh Khan applied for birth certificate in Mumbai Metropolitan.  Metropolitan officials enquired with hospital and verified documents.  Metropolitan officials turned up at Shah Rukh Khan’s house and presented the birth certificate after seeing the child. 

Through the metropolitan officials, it came to light that Shah Rukh Khan has had child through surrogacy.  Also, reports went abuzz that Shah Rukh Khan has had a baby boy.  But, Shah Rukh Khan’s side made no announcement.  There were numerous rumors about the child. 

So as to put full-stop to all the rumors, Shah Rukh Khan broke his silence and released a statement yesterday. 
Shah Rukh Khan said in the statement: -

‘There are various reports making rounds about my child.  The child, who was prematurely delivered, was in incubator for long, and now he is with me.  I, my wife Gauri and family are taking care of his health.  With respect to this, I do not desire maintaining silence for long.  

‘I did not go for gender determination of child when he was in the womb.  Only after child birth, I came to know that the child is a male.  After arrival at house, we named him AbRam and are showering love upon him.’ 

‘I thank all the doctors and nurses who took care of my child.  Please accept the fact that it is my family matter.’

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