Sherlin Chopra does ‘Kama Sutra 3D’

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Monday, Oct 29, 2012

Sherlin Chopra does ‘Kama Sutra 3D’

Nudity is not obscenity; it is one way of expressing mind… Sticking to this philosophy, actress Sherlin Chopra who has exposed for many movies, is to do ‘Kama Sutra’ 3D soon. 

Rupesh Paul, who entered Cannes Film Festival through his first movie Chained Dracula, is to direct the upcoming flick.  The upcoming flick would prove different experience than Kama Sutra directed by Meera Nair.  ‘Fans could relish looking at me like in person’ commented Sherlin Chopra.

As Sherlin Chopra released a mischievous album ‘Dirty Parlor’ so as to compete with Vidya Balan, she received the chance for Kama Sutra 3D.  Maybe, not one bachelor in India could stay cool after release of the movie.

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