Connections come to light in Tara Chowdhry sex scandal

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Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012

Connections come to light in Tara Chowdhry sex scandal

Popular actress Tara Chowdhry who is entangled in huge sex scandal, is bringing to attention several shocking reports.

‘Two MPs and MLAs from Andhra insisted having relationship with me.  Those people have trapped me into this case.  I will reveal their name’, said Tara Chowdhry.

Police swooped upon Tara Chowdhry and arrested her on charges of putting young women into flesh trade by alluring them with promise of getting cinema chance.

Action has been initiated against Tara Chowdhry based on complaint made by a young woman in Panjara Hills police station.

When police conducted inquiry, it came to light that she involved many women from Andhra and Karnataka into flesh trade.  Police have found out that she allures women and supplies them to MLAs and industrialists.

Tara maintained connection with higher police officials and supplied women.  Police officials made recommendations to temple officials for special Darshan to be given to Tara.

Truth has come to light that the temple authorities who refused were transferred.

Panjara police inspector said that several women turned up in person and made complaint against Tara.  Following this, she is being investigated under police custody.

One police official who stood by her side at one point of time has somersaulted now. Tara is taken aback at this sudden twist.

Now she is prepared to divulge names of those who entangled her in the case.

Tara Chowdhry, speaking to reporters regarding her arrest mentioned ‘They have plotted and put me into this prostitution case.  I have profiles of many. I will take up all those.  Once I am out of custody, I will divulge their secrets.’

‘Two MPs called me for sex.  I did not concede.  Some MLAs too forced me to abide by their wish. I will reveal their names’

‘This case is out of feeling of vengeance against me.  I will divulge names of several police officials.  I will face cases against me as per law.  I do not have faith in Andhra police.  I will lay stress on CBI investigation into this case’ said Tara.

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