Shruti Haasan emerges a steadfast theist

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Thursday, Aug 16, 2012

Shruti Haasan emerges a steadfast theist

Kamal Haasan turns out an atheist.  Also, he has not visited temples.  But his daughter Shruti Haasan is just the opposite.  She shows much interest in spirituality.  Although Shruti is a theist, she was not used to visiting temples much, which turns out very much like her father.  Occasionally she is used to visiting temples with her mother Sarika.  But now Shruti seems to be showing much interest in spirituality. 

Initially, conditions in cinema were not conducive for Shruti and some movies did not turn out well.  At one point of time, Shruti almost decided turning fulltime music composer.  Then, she visited Tirupathi as per her mother’s suggestion.  Then, there was turning point for Shruti in cine field.  The debutant venture for Shruti, ‘7aum Arivu’ turned hit.  From then, Shruti developed exceeding devotion for god.  For Shruti, Telugu movies proved failure.  In a development, Hindi movie ‘Dabaang’ was remade in Telugu as ‘Gabbaar Singh’.  Shruti did role in the movie.  She visited Tirupathi with prayer that the movie should turn hit.  Her prayer was fulfilled.  The movie ‘Gabbaar Singh’ turned a super duper hit.  Shruti joined the list of lead actresses in Telugu.  Also, Shruti is into Hindi remake of Tamil movie ‘Unakkum Enakkum’.

Shruti realized that it is god’s grace which is behind her success.  Now, she is an ardent devotee of god.  Shruti goes in plane to places and visits temples.  Shruti is getting used to reading spiritual books and maintaining fast.  Soon, a prayer hall is to emerge in Kamal Haasan’s residence which has not had it so far.

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