Protest from Silk Smitha’s family against ‘The Dirty Pictures’

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Saturday, Nov 05, 2011

Protest from Silk Smitha’s family against ‘The Dirty Pictures’

Beyond the glamour she projected Silk Smitha was a fine actress.

During the 1980s she was in the peak of her career. She was in the fore both in Telugu and Malayalam.

Silk Smitha died in mysterious circumstances during 1996. There were two versions, one that she committed suicide, and another that she was murdered. But police closed the file saying that she committed suicide.

The story of Silk Smitha is being taken in Hindi as ‘Dirty Pictures’. Vidya Balan is playing the role of Silk Smitha. The shooting of this film is in the final stage. Arrangements are going on to release the film soon.

Meanwhile, Silk Smitha’s brother Nagavaraprasad has strongly resented to releasing the movie. About this he commented ‘We came to know seeing the magazines and television that Silk Smitha’s life is to be taken as a movie.  They did not come and discuss about the plan with our family.  They did not get our permission too’

‘We have sent a lawyer notice to director Milan, and producer Ekta Kapoor against  release of the film. We have not received any reply from them.’

‘So we are going to send the second lawyer notice through the Hyderabad high court judge. We need to see the film of Silk Smitha. The objectionable scenes have to be removed.’

The state of affairs behind Silk Smitha’s death is still not known. They say that she died as a result of financial crisis. That’s not the truth.  We are not expecting any money from the people who are taking the movie based on Silk Smitha.  We are of the opinion that the movie should not hurt the feelings of the family.’

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