Simbu and Nayanthara renew relationship, say Kollywood reports

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Monday, Aug 06, 2012

Simbu and Nayanthara renew relationship, say Kollywood reports

The latest news in Kollywood is that Simbu and Nayanthara have renewed their ties

Simbu and Nayanthara are those in cine field who created much sensation out of their romance.

While doing movie ‘Vallavan’, both fell in love with each other.  From then, reports about both hit media headlines frequently.

Both turned up at places almost like husband and wife.  In a sudden twist, both separated.

Both Simbu and Nayanthara were taciturn about the reason for separation. Later, Nayanthara alone gave an emotional interview in Hyderabad that Simbu had betrayed her trust upon him.  As she gave the interview she was moved to tears.

After then, Nayanthara stayed away from movies for quite long.

Later, she was brought back to cinemas.  Celebrities as Rajini intervened. Rajini went a step ahead and gave a chance for Nayanthara in his movies as Sivaji and Kuselan.  Nayanthara started her next round in cinemas.  Then she was spoken in connection with Dhanush. 

But that was for a very short time.  When doing movie ‘Villu’, a love blossomed between her and the movie’s director Prabhudeva.  From then, the love affair between Nayanthara and Prabhudeva hit the media headlines for four years.  Prabhudeva divorced his wife as he was in deep love with Nayanthara.

Nayanthara reciprocated love for Prabhudeva by changing religion and by tattooing Prabhudeva’s name in her hand.  But then, their relationship severed.

Nayanthara gave an interview attributing the cause of break in relationship to Prabhudeva.

Nayanthara is busily into Tamil movies now.  As she was suffering in loneliness out of love failure, Nayanthara seems to have renewed relationship with Simbu. 

Photograph here stands a proof of intimacy between Simbu and Nayanthara.  Nobody knows how long it would last…

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